Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hairextensions in Houston,TX?

Where can I get DECENT hairextensions for less in Houston,TX?

About how much do I have to expect to pay?

I prefer human hair so I can curl it with an curling iron.

(I watched Tyra,and she said that you CAN get human hair for less).

How do I know if it is REAL HUMAN HAIR or NOT?

Do I have to bring my own hair?

Am I allowed to bring my own hair?

Many questions HAIR,lol:)


Hairextensions in Houston,TX?

The best method of hair extensions are actually clip extensions. You can apply and remove them yourself. They cause no damage and they last a lifetime. All you have to do is section your own hair, insert the hair wefts and snap the clips shut. Tyra used to wear these back in her modeling days and Jessica Simpson has a brand of them out bet hers is VERY expensive.The best human hair is Remy human hair. You can color, blow dry, curl with an iron ....anything you want because it is REAL human hair. Try they sell Remy human hair for about $120 and the shipping is free you will get it in 2-3 days. Hope this helps!

Hairextensions in Houston,TX?

google hair extension, salon, houston, tx

you will get all the salons that do hair extensions. Then call them all stores have different policies ok...

I hope a helped a bit =)

Hairextensions in Houston,TX?

You can tell if its real hair just by feeling it, real hair usually feels silkier and you can just tell. i guess you could take your real hair to match the color!

Is it possible??

I want a certain wig. But I can find it anywhere that doesn't cost and arm, a leg, and your first born child. I've heard you can style a real human hair wig and dye it (but not very many times). Can I just buy the right length of realy human hair and have it styled and dyed to my likings??? That would be VERY helpful on cost.

OR, do you know of a place that custom makes real human hair wigs as a lot cost??

Is it possible??

If you have a Sam Moon near you they have lots of wigs and extensions. Plus jewelry and purses!

Or try ebay.

Is it possible??

ebay honey ...The cheapest I know of..and there are so many varieties for cheap.

Crime help.... anyone good?

Who directs the activities during the investigation at a crime scene?

the mayor of the city

the police chief

the first officer on the scene

the lead forensic investigator

the police on the scene

2: Upon arrival at the scene the first priority is


catch the criminal

find good evidence


first aid for victims

3: The first walk through the crime scene includes

overall photography of the scene

touching as few things as possible

securing the crime scene

documenting smells and sounds around crime scene

all of the above

4: 4. When using hair for evidence it is good to know that

hair is not easily destroyed

hair cannot help determine race

hair can be used in DNA analysis

human hair can easily be confused with that of animals

Two answers are correct

5: 5. Fingerprints are helpful in a case because

criminals always leave them behind

fingerprints are absolutely unique to each individual human being

fingerprints cannot be easily destroyed or obscured

there is already a large collection of criminal閳ユ獨 fingerprints on record with the FBI

they can be quickly and easily processed

6: 6. Blood at the scene of the crime can be used

for DNA analysis

for identification of the weapon

for determining position of the victim and the assailant

for blood typing

all of the above

7: 7. What can Christians use to help solve the crime problem in America?

tell people to make better choices

practice self restraint and stop all criminals

share the love, hope and acceptance of God for those caught in a life of crime

our money

a stronger police force

8: 8. Some studies of trends in crime show

increased poverty causes increased crime

crime increases when people want to do their own thing, stop restraining themselves

crime increased with increased religious revival

crime decreased as religion decreased

increased law enforcement and police forces stop crime

9: 9. What is used by forensic scientists to solve crime?


scientific method

deductive reasoning

chemical analysis

all of the above

10: 10. Which of the following is NOT considered to be a civil crime?



internet hoaxes

pollution of the nation閳ユ獨 waterways

unsafe medicines being sold to the public

Crime help.... anyone good?

do your own homework!!!!!

Whats the best sewn in weave style to get?

so heres the deal, I already made up my mind that im getting synthetic hair weave over human hair.. reason number 1 is because its cheaper, reason number 2, human hair is usually cacuasian and asian eurpean etcc.. which will not look natrual and it will cause breakage to my own hair.. so thats out of the question. I was wondering, whats the best synthetic weave style to get for my hair so it will look natrual.. im thinking of getting curly... but i dont know if it will last as long as i want it too because im worried that the curls will come out or it will start to frizz. any suggestions would be of great help! and this is my frist time getting weave, im getting it in a few weeks from now!

pictures as examples would be great (so i can see what your talkin about).



Whats the best sewn in weave style to get?

Indian hair.

Whats the best sewn in weave style to get?

Okay girl. I'm getting a sew in today and I've done it all. Synthetic, human, you name it I've had it. Today I'll be getting human hair.

Human hair in my opinion, is great because you can style it with heat, wash it, etc. And it's not plastic like synthetic hair, so it actually does less damage to your natural hair. Also, If you were to get human hair, you'd get human yaki hair, not silky straight or anything other than yaki. The yaki texture is much closer to an African American's permed hair texture. So, I'd actually recommend you get human hair. Especially if you want to curl it, wash it, flat iron it, etc. That's out of the question with synthetic hair.

If you do get synthetic hair and you are interested in curls, get synthetic hair that is already curly. If you get it straight, then have it curled, the curls won't stay. So, get the already curled synthetic hair. You can also get synthetic hair that's already wavy. But once again, the styles are sort of at a limit with synthetic hair. Your beautician can style it in any way you'd like if using human hair. And the good thing about it is, once you get tired of the curls, you can flat iron them out with human hair, not with synthetic. The best brand in my opinion is Hollywood hair.

Also, the technique that is used for the sew in can play a part in hair damage. So ask your beautician about her technique, and see if your comfortable with that.

Okay, good luck with your extentions. I can't wait to get mine done today.

Which one is better?

ok well i've been on ebay looking for clip in hair extensions and i've come across a few that i like. but i need oppinions on which ones you think are better quality or if you think there bad.

so please tell me which out of these four you would choose



Which one is better?

I'm thinking 3 or 4. First of all they are longer pieces so more to trim and play with. Second - human hair - always go with human hair. #4 says there are clips -but I don't see them unless they are the same colour as the hair if they are - then #4 if not - then #3.

Which one is better?

i think they all look great but i like the third on best if those are to expensive then the second one bye good luck.

Which one is better?

the third one down is the only one that doesn't look that fake :)

Does any 1know of a REAL GOOD hairdresser that specializes in hairweaving for black women in Baltimo

I 'm not rich so I'm not looking for a celebrity stylist just some one that doesn't make my hair look like a weave. There are plenty of talented hairdressers, females and some males that make there clients hair look natural. Not the styles that you can see the weaving ring in the middle of your head where the sewed it at, but using your own hair to incorporate the style to look like you've grown it. I would also like for this hairdresser to either use the Indian virgin Remy hair, or at least know how to weave using it. A friend of mine told me that it the best human hair out there( but kind of expensive, not to many salons use it). But it doesn't tangle like the corner/beauty stores Yaki/human hair does. Please for the people that respond to my Question let me know if the hairdresser(s) that you speak of are from personal experience or word of mouth etc.. If possible share pics of hairstyles that are from the dresser. Thanks everyone...

Does any 1know of a REAL GOOD hairdresser that specializes in hairweaving for black women in Baltimore MD.?

Please Help ??

hiya i am currently using monofibred hair extensions

i have just heard of the new thermofibre hair extensions that are suppost to be much better than the monofibred hair extensions as you can straighten and curl them just like human

has anybody had them ?

what are they like ?

what is the best method of application

as i feel with the monofibred hair is pulling my hair out with the platted application method !


any help would be great thanxs and human hair is not an option thanxs


Please Help ??

My friend had these done, in fact she had the thermofibre's done 3 times at different salons and is now sueing one of them for leaving her with bald patches! She is a hairdresser herself so she knows her stuff. I know you said you can't live without them but is there any way you could grow your own? make do with a cute bob for a while? thats what my friends done, i'm sure you would look just as nice. If not, I hope it works out for you xx

Please Help ??

sorry cant help as i dont use hair extensions.

michelle what is your problem cant you be nice.

Please Help ??

I wore the monofibred ones for a few years till my own hair grew long, I never had any problems with them at all, never heard of these thermofibre ones.

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